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My Closet Story

Updated: Sep 16, 2018

“Noodle Arms!” They said. As I looked in the mirror at my reflection, in those long sleeve or sleeveless tops, I’d hear

those childish voices in my head. “Noodle arms, noodle arms!”

I was 110lbs, 5’7”, and wearing a size 9 shoe. I was a tall, skinny, acne prone girl with these arms that dragged the floor and flopped around. And, I was self conscious about it. I couldn’t change my height or the acne, but I could make my arms seem shorter by wearing short sleeve t-shirts. You know, break it up and make it look shorter compared to when I wore sleeveless or long sleeve clothing where my arms would keep going and going. I’d also stand with my arms folded behind my back so they wouldn’t just hang. I got older and began modeling and appearing long in that world is like gold. However, in my real life I struggled with it - and still do sometimes.

For many years, I modified my style and my stance to appear less long. This year, while at a photo shoot, it dawned on me that the items in my closet represent so much more than just clothing. The articles I choose to wear often evoke emotions, bring up old memories, or cause me to face my insecurities. My style is truly representative of who I am and my story as a person. It’s amazing how certain clothes make me feel strong and beautiful and others make me feel self-conscious. Just like a scent or my

favorite 90s jam coming on the radio brings back memories and feelings, so do some outfits. Our closets are so practical and we use them everyday without ever really considering the significance of what we place inside them, what it says about us. I believe our closets share something about all of us. There is a story in that closet of a time when you had that first date, got that dream job or laid off from one. Maybe there was a time you overcame injustice or maybe you are

still in the thick of finding justice. Our closets whisper our insecurities and strengths. They tell of our faith, our beliefs, our hopes and our dreams. They reveal how we have changed over time and where we started. There is legacy in my closet, stories of family and of the strong women and ancestors who came before me. If I look closely in my closet at the dresses and garments that wrapped my body, I see who and how I’ve loved. I feel some hurt too and see some unrealized dreams. My closet tells the story of crazy, interesting times. Adventures! I’m looking forward to telling you about the time I was proposed to by a Bedouin man in the desert’ll read about that in my next post. Every outfit from My Closet Story will give you a glimpse into my world. I believe that’s what style should do - tell your story.

As I look at this image, with my arms so long and slender, I see so much beauty. I see so much growth in my body image and I see how I’ve learned to appreciate how God made me. So, what’s your closet story? If you look closely you have one. It may make you laugh, smile, cry, cringe or all of the above. But my hope is that you

will be encouraged to be your authentic self and tell your story with STYLE, HOPE, and LOVE!

Dress: #buffaloexchange Dallas

Shoes: #target

Earrings: #artistsandfleas Soho

Angela Christine is an actor, model, and speaker in NYC & DFW. Follow Angela on Instagram

@iamangelachristine #myclosetstory #iamangelachristine

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